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A Weekly Walk

Last week one of the callers to GardenLine mentioned that she walked through her garden every Saturday morning so that she’d know what to call in about that morning. Since callers make the radio show really live, I’m thrilled that she was looking for reasons to call, but I was also taken with the wisdom […]

Instant Gardens?

The Japanese Umbrella Pine is only six feet hall, and the Pinky Winky Hydrangeas are half that. It’s so hard to be patient and appreciate how they are right now.

As I walk though the new landscape at Poison Ivy Acres, I’m seeing what is there, but I’m also looking into the future. I notice […]

Front Yards

In a recent email from Wayne Winterrowd he commented on a visit to our property shortly after we moved in: “I LOVED the fact that you were putting your vegetable garden in the front lawn!”

When Wayne visited, the slope between the front of the house and the road had been cleared but was still […]

A First Snow

Yesterday we had our first snowfall of the winter. I was thrilled. Although my adult self worries about getting out the next morning, there is still a child in me that feels like every snowstorm is a celebration.

This morning the landscape is transformed. Because the snow was wet it stuck to every leaf and […]

I Love This Plant – Campanula ‘Bernice’

I love this Campanula: Campanula trachelium ‘Bernice’. It is a perennial that I didn’t bring with me when I moved to Poison Ivy Acres, so I’ll need to start with new ‘Bernice’ plants next season.

For me this plant grew to about 2 feet high in a part-sun garden. As long as it gets […]

Lawn, No Lawn, and Lawn Replacements

One of the first things we did at our last two properties is to replace part of the lawn with gardens.

It’s not that I hate the turf… especially my idea of turf which is combination of grass, white clover, and whatever green plant happens to take root in my lawn at the time. […]

I Love Sweet William

I love the old fashioned, cottage garden plant commonly called Sweet William. Diantus barbatus is easy to grow from seed and although in some places it’s called a perennial, you’re better off thinking of this as a biennial. This plant grows one year, blooms the next and sometimes comes back…usually it self-seeds. Don’t bother with […]

Why “Poison Ivy Acres”?

Last week on the radio I referred to my property as “Poison Ivy Acres”, as I have on this blog and my website many times. Later that day I ran into one of my listeners and he said, “Poison Ivy Acres? Why that name? Aren’t there more beautiful aspects of your garden that can give […]