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Of Expectations and Mail Order Plants

My first experience with mail order was in the mid-1950’s. In the back of my mother’s magazines I saw a small ad that read, “100 Dolls for $1.00!” A hundred dolls for only a dollar… this was deal that I could not pass up. I found an envelope, put my crumpled dollar bill into it, […]

Of Seeds and Starting Small

January and February are two of my favorite months. It’s not that I like walking on icy sidewalks or shoveling snow all that much. I just love that it’s time to order seeds, and begin starting them indoors.

At the garden center, later in spring, people will ask me if we have carrot or pole […]

I Love Viburnum trilobum!

I love Viburnum trilobum, the American cranberry bush. Not the serve-at-Thanksgiving type of cranberries, but a lovely, carefree, native shrub that has flat white flowers in May/June, red/purple fall foliage and beautiful red berries in late summer. In my experience the berries don’t persist through the winter because they are eaten by wildlife, but […]

Of Snow Days and Disrespect

Snow brings out my inner child…when the snow falls, I think it should be a holiday. Early in our marriage I confessed this to my husband during a snowstorm. He walked about a mile through 12 inches of snow to buy a bottle of champagne so we could celebrate. What a guy!

It’s snowing […]

Wet Feet in Winter

Today was a combination of rain, sleet, and snow. The rain garden is half filled with slushy water. I gaze at this planted puddle and think about all of the plants that are said to not like wet feet in the winter. I’m hoping that the plants I’ve put in this garden don’t mind such […]

I Love Salvia patens ‘Blue Angel’

This week I’m loving Salvia patens ‘Blue Angel’. Why do I love this plant? Because it is BLUE, BLUE, BLUE. Not lavender, not purple, but blue. Secondly, it attracts hummingbirds, and thirdly, if you live in colder areas you can dig the roots and save them indoors from year to year like you do dahlias. […]

No Problem…

One of a friend’s pet peeves is when people say “No problem.” She’ll ask the waiter for more water in a restaurant, for example, and the waiter will respond “No problem.” as if getting her more water might be a problem. I’ve noticed that this phrase is beginning to replace the more gracious “You’re welcome,” […]

An Imperfect World

I forgot to provide the flowers for church this morning.

As I walked into the sanctuary, there was the empty pedestal where the bouquet usually sits. There were the other Unitarians who were saying, “Where are the flowers?” There was the program that read, “Flowers provided by… in memory of… arranged by C.L. Fornari.” […]

I Love Allium moly

I love Allium moly – a short, yellow flowering Allium that has a history of being used in cooking and medicinally. I like it for its size – about 12 inches tall – and early summer bloom time. This Allium is perfect for the front of a perennial border or even to supply early color […]