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Growing Our Own

Although it was warm enough for me to plant peas and lettuce this weekend, the temperatures nose-dived today, keeping me out of the garden. I had a garden consultation scheduled for this morning and yes, I froze, but after that it was a good day to take care of errands and cross things off my […]

Spring Cleanup and an Open Mind

It was just above 50 degrees the other day so I finished cleaning out the flowerbeds. Although the air was cool, the sun’s warmth allowed me to remove my jacket as I cut the perennials and grasses to the ground. My work was accompanied by the spring mating calls of birds, and the flicker’s noisy […]

Growing Veg

I taught a class on vegetable gardening at a local garden center last week and it was standing room only. Over a hundred people crammed into the big greenhouse to hear about growing their own food. There were 20-somethings, middle-agers and retired folks; all levels of gardening experience were represented.

This interest […]

Willow Walk

March came in like the proverbial lord of the jungle, and I’m not talking Tarzan. It was cold and snowy last week, but today the weather promises lambs. The Dog and I went out to hunt for signs of spring and he went for a swim. After a game of fetch the stick from the […]


A storm is moving through the Northeast today. Ice pellets hit the windows. Gusts of wind rock the trees and send waves of snow and ice skittering off the roof, then across the garden. I appreciate the drama of it all, but I am so tired of winter weather.

As I stand […]