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Archive for April, 2009

Building Fences

     The fence around the vegetable garden at Poison Ivy Acres is almost finished. It is a rustic enclosure, created out of some black locust trees that fell in a winter storm. It is said that locust posts last one year longer than cement… being optimistic, and hoping that this is true, we decided [...]

Tossing Seeds

      I was clearing out the front garden last week, pulling oak leaves from where they had caught in the stems of ‘Carefree Celebration’ Roses and Russian sage. I piled the brown leaves in the garden cart and once it was full, pulled them to the side yard where they could be dumped. As [...]

What Do You Want To Grow?

It is spring and I’m thinking about what I want to grow. As the plants stream into the garden center, I stop frequently among the perennials, shrubs and trees, thinking, do I want to grow this? Sometimes, under the spell of that potent combination of spring fever and plant lust, the answer is a resounding [...]

A Rose by Any Other Name Might Just be More Appealing

I’m a sucker for plants with unusual or interesting names. As I glanced over the Digging Dog Nursery catalog this morning, I had to order Uvularia grandiflora, not just because it’s a pretty native plant for shade, but for its common name: great merry bells. I was persuaded to buy Silene armeria seeds because it [...]