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What’s Right for the Goose…

It has been just over a year since I left my former garden to move to Poison Ivy Acres. For the third time in my life I’m starting with a blank canvas landscape and creating new gardens. It was therefore interesting to go back to my old property and walk the garden with the […]

Loving Lupine

Each week I begin the first hour of GardenLine with I Love This Plant/I Hate This Plant. Last week I decided to feature lupine on the program, and on Friday night I posted the following on Facebook: Tomorrow on GardenLine I’m talking about why you might, or might NOT, love lupine.

Several of my […]

Peas and Perspective

It is June 9th, after Memorial Day so officially summer, right? The thermostats have been turned down, and we should no longer be heating the house. But tonight my husband came home chilled because it is gray and damp outside, and he was dressed for summer weather. “Let’s make a fire,” I suggested. Two hours […]