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Trial Gardens

When I was in high school in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, I tried out for the girls modern dance group. I prepared an energetic and rather disjointed routine done to “Grant Avenue”, a song from the musical “Flower Drum Song”. After weeks of practice in my basement, I performed it for the audition. It wasn’t pretty.


Foliage First

People in the horticultural business have a saying: Color sells. By color, they mean the flowers, and they’re saying that a plant in bloom sells best. Many customers choose their landscaping when the plants are blossoming… when they’re shopping, they go for the flowers first.

Although this tendency insures that the right flower color […]

Mid Summer Switch Out

Late July is my time for adding to, and subtracting from, the flower garden. Although most people in this area seem to plant annuals only though the first week in June, I am placing them in the garden this weekend.

By mid-summer many of the biennials and a few of the perennials are dying back. […]

Jet Lag

I arrived home from Paris last evening and the first thing I did was walk around the garden. Being gone for ten days in the growing season is double-edged hoe, so to speak. A garden changes daily, but when I am there to observe those changes they don’t seem very drastic or dramatic.

If I […]

To Have and Have Not

Every summer visitors to Cape Cod stop in garden centers, wanting to buy blue hydrangeas to take home to Maine, or Wisconsin. “Our nurseries don’t know about them,” they say. There is a reason that they can’t buy them locally, I explain, and it’s not because their garden centers haven’t heard about mophead hydrangeas. “Cape […]