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The Lay of the Land

Report From PIA – September 30

Visiting other gardens, as I did at the GWA conference recently, makes me dream of adding certain plant combinations or structures to my gardens. “I want that on my property,” I find myself thinking, or “Oh! I have to make an arbor like that.” Yet as I look around […]

Pushing The River, God, and Lottery Tickets

Report From PIA – September 29th

Since I decided to post a new Report From PIA every day, every morning I wonder what in creation I’m going to write about in the evening. Every day and every blog is a leap of faith.

The magical thing is that not only has this regular post […]

Home and Away

Report From PIA – September 28th

Today I flew home from the GWA meeting in Raleigh. I am always grateful when air travel is uneventful, and thankful when I have a good book to make the hours of waiting, flying and commuting from the airport fly by. On this trip, I read Away, by […]

Continuing Education

Report From PIA – September 27 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

As I began this year of conscious cultivation, one of the things I vowed to grow was the plants that I’m familiar with. Today I added a new plant to my knowledge bank: Salvia mexicana.

I saw this plant in two gardens here […]

Planting Seeds

Report From PIA – September 26 – on assignment in North Carolina

As part of the Garden Writers Association meeting, I toured several public gardens today. The highpoint for me was the stop at Seeds. This non-profit says that its goal is “to teach people to care for the earth, themselves and each other through […]

New Growth

Report From PIA – September 25 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

I was a hand weaver and fiber artist in the old days, and at one point I was searching for a new direction for this work. It wasn’t coming easily, but another craftsperson gave me some good advice. He said to just keep […]

Plant Lust

Report From PIA – September 24 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

My name is C.L. Fornari and I am an out-of-control plant person. I’m here at the Garden Writers annual meeting, where they are feeding my addiction.

Yes, I am also getting informed about new products that my readers and listeners will be interested […]

Gathering Seeds

Report From PIA – September 23 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

I went to the “first timer’s reception” at the Garden Writers meeting today. Those who are at this annual event for the first time gathered with others, like myself, who are willing to mentor the newbies. Kirk Brown, dressed as plant collector John […]

Moving Forward

Report From PIA – September 22 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

I always get inspired when I travel. Yes, some of this is because I’m seeing new things and places. I also have more time to just brainstorm when I’m sitting in an airport or a plane…there aren’t any distracting weeds to pull or […]

Sowing Seeds

Report From PIA – September 21

We are constantly planting seeds. The key is to remember to sow seeds for things we want to grow. That sounds obvious, but as I look around this dear world I see many people flinging seeds of fear, hate, distrust and anger around. Example? Fox News.

I spread some […]