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Waiting For The View

Report From PIA – October 31

Years ago I worked first as a fiber artist, and then as a graphic artist. I was mildly successful at these pursuits, but the work wasn’t as consistent or as profitable as I wanted it to be. I spent a number of years wondering why the artwork that I […]

Hydrangea Home

Report From PIA – October 30

I arrived home today after five days spent visiting my mother and family. I am drained… from the travel, a concentrated effort to help my mom, and from putting energy into situations that I can and cannot change. I won’t go into details because you all have families of […]

Give Me Shelter

Report From PIA – October 29

I was sorting through photos of gardens today, and those that featured structures caught my attention. Arches, arbors, huts and pergolas, all of these called to me.

Such structures are important in the landscape because they provide a framework for the plants. They are the constructions that give interest […]

Do I Want To Do What It Takes To Have This? Really?

Report From PIA – October 28

I was standing in a consultation client’s yard the other day, and we stood looking at a section next to the south side of her house. The client was a busy woman, who didn’t have much time for gardening, so throughout the entire conversation I suggested ways that she […]

Unexpected Treasures

Report From PIA – October 27

I was clearing out the veggie garden the other day, pulling up weeds and frosted bean plants. When I reached the middle of the garden, I discovered a row of beets, lost among the wild growth.

There weren’t enough beets to feed us for very long, certainly, but there […]

The People In The Plants

Report From PIA – October 26

I have a split leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) that came from my mother’s plant, which was a cutting off of the philodendron that my grandmother got in the 1950’s. The plant in my mother’s apartment is much fuller, and clearly happier, than mine, but I keep this Monstera prettypathetica […]

Catching The Light

Report From PIA – October 25

When I moved to Poison Ivy Acres, it was pretty much a blank slate. I went about designing my gardens by thinking about these things, in this order: 1. That the gardens make visual sense with the lay of the land and the house that was already here. 2. […]

Gardening Twenty Minutes at a Time

Report From PIA – October 24

This is what I did in my garden today: I gathered all of the piles of brown peony foliage that I cut out of the lake-side perennial bed yesterday, and loaded them into the garden cart. Then I pulled the cart up to the brush pile and dumped it. […]

Fur Balls!

Report From PIA – October 23

This summer, fur balls came to my garden, and I’m not talking about the stuff coughed up by cats.

Two nights ago I spoke to a group of Master Gardeners in Rhode Island. As we finished the evening up, they asked what plants I was excited about this year. […]

Gardening, Parenting & Paradox

Report From PIA – October 22

Sometimes we have to put time and effort into something knowing, or hoping at the very least, that it will pay off in the future. Parents will take this approach if they want their kids to be reasonable human beings, and gardeners come to embrace this methodology as well.