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Hydrangea Home

Report From PIA – October 30

I arrived home today after five days spent visiting my mother and family. I am drained… from the travel, a concentrated effort to help my mom, and from putting energy into situations that I can and cannot change. I won’t go into details because you all have families of your own, so I know that you have enough to think about.

Walking into the kitchen, in total appreciation of arriving back safely, I see that the bouquet of hydrangeas that I picked last week is still beautiful. These full blossoms, in shades of blue, purple and pink, welcome me back to Cape Cod.

My friend BL says that my radio program, GardenLine, should be called Hydrangea Line, and she’s not far from wrong. This is Cape Cod’s favorite shrub. On and off-Cape, my callers want to grow them, have questions about them, and despite any quandaries agree: we love this plant.

For all people there are plants, scents, architecture, and landforms that are particular to their region. After being away we see these things, they speak to our hearts, and welcome us home.

This colorful bouquet, picked two weeks ago, welcomed me home.

This colorful bouquet, picked two weeks ago, welcomed me home.

5 comments to Hydrangea Home

  • Hi, I came here by way of Blotanical. It sounds as if you need a hug, or at least a comment. Hydrangeas are big here, too. Your bouquet is beautiful, and your blog is very interesting.

  • Rhian

    Hydrangeas always remind me of my grandmother, she had them all around her house in Wales. One one side of her house they were bright pink (lighter than the pink in your top left), and on the other side they were the beautiful lavender purple on the bottom of your bunch. Every time I see hydrangeas I think of her, thanks so much for posting this!

  • I love how plants connect us to people. Sweet peas remind me of my grandmother, who lived in the Rocky Mountains where they grew well.

  • you are right, hydrangeas are just wonderful plants. Their flowers never fail to please. I just love them and they seem so old fashioned.

  • Nell Jean & All,
    Hugs + Hydrangeas = Heaven