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Opportunity Knocks

Report From PIA – November 30

Here it is, the last day in November; I’m a quarter of the way into my year of conscious cultivation and my promise to post here every day. The forecast for today was for a warm, cloudy morning followed by rain and dropping temperatures after noon. Clearly, if I […]

A Joyful Noise

Report From PIA – November 29

This morning my husband and I hung bells on the arbor that he finished last week. We designed the arbor to be tall enough, and strong enough, to hold my bell collection. Three of these bells were made from old gas tanks by Provincetown sculptor Michael Kacergis, and the […]

Plant and Tend Wisely

Report From PIA – November 28

Two days past Thanksgiving finds me thinking that growing a garden is very similar to cultivating relationships with the people we are connected to.

New friends or family members, like young seedlings, need special attention. Behavior, comments and occasional lapses of consideration might be understood or excused by long-term […]

Pushing the Limits

Report From PIA – November 27

Once gardeners understand some of the basics of growing plants and possess a measure of confidence about gardening, they often move on to more daring plantings. They want to see if a particular plant, not quite hardy where they live, can be kept alive.

As I walked around Poison […]

Giving Thanks

Report From PIA – November 26

Today I am giving thanks: for family, sharing, cooking, and fresh herbs from just outside the kitchen door. For the ability to put effort into creating something good, be it a meal, a friendship, or a garden. For busy times, and periods of rest.


Thanksgiving Eve

Report From PIA – November 25

It was a day when the outdoors, if not the impending holiday, invited quietness. It misty and soft, with fog tucked in the tops of trees and hanging over the lake. I walked around the garden this afternoon, and although there are many plants still in bloom, it was […]

Now or Later?

Report From PIA – November 24th

There are still many plants in the garden that I normally would have cut back long ago, but there they are, a testament to my procrastination. This morning, I decided that I’m glad that I haven’t cleared them out.

I like the colorful, messy mix of yellowing leaves, final […]

Deep Roots

Report From PIA – November 23

Last week I was weeding up in the cutting garden, and came across a few Smilax rotundifolia shoots as I worked. This plant is commonly known as bull brier, catbrier or greenbrier, and anyone who fights it on their property comes to hate it.

This climbing vine has strong […]

The Value of Rest

Report From PIA – November 22

Gardeners soon learn that adding a bench or some chairs to a landscape instantly makes it appealing. The solidity of these furnishings contrast well with all of the plants, certainly, but I think there’s a greater reason we respond to them. These benches and chairs invite us to rest.


The Grace of Nature

Report From PIA – November 21

Although still plagued by a heavy-duty head cold that had me feeling totally sorry for myself, I spent a few minutes in the garden today. Most of the time I was keeping my husband company, i.e. watching him work. But before coming into the house to be closer to […]