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The Importance of Celebration

Report From PIA – December 31

Back in the day I hated New Year’s Eve. It seemed that people would get together simply for forced merriment. So some thirty-five years ago I, my husband and friends started gathering for a stay-at-home turning of the year. Now I love this annual celebration. I love gathering every […]

Flexibility Redux

Report From PIA – December 30

Every time I write a new post to this blog, I’m asked for the “tags” that best describe it. This is something to do with search engines, I’m sure. Two of those tags that are most frequently used are “growth” and “flexibility”, with good reason.

Several times today I […]

Walking Onions

Report From PIA – December 29

About 35 years ago I was first introduced to Irene Galdston, the mother of a good friend. She learned that I was interested in plants, so she offered me a “walking onion” from her Long Island garden. “If people could live on onions alone,” she said, “this one would […]

What It Takes

Report From PIA – December 28

I did a few home repair/installation projects today, and once again marveled at how many trips to the basement are required for such things. It’s the same in gardening…when I’m ready to plant containers, say, or work in the perennial garden, I always have to make numerous trips to […]

Neither Here Nor There

Report From PIA – December 27

As I look out over Poison Ivy Acres this morning, I see that the snow is melting. It doesn’t look like winter, but it damn sure isn’t spring.

When I was young it would start snowing around Thanksgiving and the ground would be white until April. It isn’t news […]

Rest and Looking Forward

Report From PIA – December 26

Hosting GardenLine this morning was about all I had energy for today. I came home from the station and read Home Safe into the afternoon, napped, and am still generally listless. Post holiday, end-of-virus recovery period, I guess.

Nevertheless, I began to look through seed catalogs and circle what […]

A Creation Shared

Report From PIA – December 25

I love holidays because they bring people together, and usually these gatherings involve food. A conversation with a dinner guest last night, and a facebook post by Kelly Norris, started me thinking today about the connection between gardening and cooking.

It’s been my experience that most gardeners love to […]

Bluebirds and Blessings

Report From PIA – December 24

Early this morning my husband downloaded the photos from the Bird Cam that’s on our feeder. When I came down for coffee, he said, “Look at the computer,” so I went to the kitchen desk and clicked to bring the screen up. There was a photo of a group […]

Throw it Out?

Report From PIA – December 23

Whether I’m doing a landscape consultation on a client’s property, or speaking to those who attend one of my talks, I frequently find myself saying, “That plant isn’t worth saving… toss it in the compost.” The person I’m speaking to usually gives me a look of horror and says, […]

The Season of Contrasts

Report From PIA – December 22

Winter is a season of contrasts: white snow, black tree trunks, and luminous, colorful sunsets. I love the feeling of the cold air on my cheeks, and hate having to wear a coat when I go out. It’s frigid outdoors, and the woodstove is toasty warm inside.

I love […]