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Darkness and Light

Report From PIA – December 21

Yesterday about 20 inches of snow fell on Poison Ivy Acres. It’s hard to judge the exact amount because the wind’s sculpting of the snowfall…some places it’s a foot deep, while in other areas the drifts are over three feet.

I’ve always said that I love a good snowstorm […]

Looking For What’s There

Report From PIA – December 20

It snowed all day, and I still have a cold, so it seemed like a good day to write and bake cookies. I’m working on my new book, which has had the following working titles so far: Cultivating Life, Gardening Totally, The Ground Rules, and Growth.

This book has […]


Report From PIA – December 19

One winter day when my boys were ten and fifteen years old, we went to the grocery store and as we left the youngest begged me to buy a scratch ticket. “Oh, honey,” I said, “they’re a waste of money. Only a very, very few people win anything.” I […]

A Food Rut

Report From PIA – December 18

After traveling all day to get home from San Francisco, with, can you believe it, catching another head cold, I am not in the best of shape for posting something thoughtful. I do want to say, however, that one of the great things about travel is being exposed to […]

There’s No Place Like Home

Report From PIA – December 17

It was my last day in the city, and I had fun doing city things. The Museum of Modern Art, a French bakery for breakfast (and provisions for the plane tomorrow) and shopping for gifts.

As much as I enjoy being in the city for awhile, I’ll be very […]

Planting Passions Out Front

Report From PIA – December 16

A conversation with a fellow writer, and a walk through Chinatown, started me thinking about my front yard. See, among the stores on Grant Avenue, I spied a garden planted on the front of a building. This reminded me of an earlier phone call, when I was relating to […]

Honoring the Absent

Report From PIA – December 15

I am spending a couple of days in my favorite city, San Francisco, and seeing some plaques on Union Square has me thinking. Set into the low walls around the square are brass plates depicting California native plants. Although there are some of these natives in scattered locations, […]

Ready to Grow

Report From PIA – December 14

You have to admire plants for their willingness to grow. In a crack in asphalt, bit of soil underneath larger plants, or even in the crotches of trees, there will be a plant that’s ready to grow there. We love this can-do attitude when we’re trying to get something […]

Open to Surprise

Report From PIA – December 13

I went to a holiday craft fair today, and at one booth admired some felted wool scarves. Some were covered with dots of different colors, and others with leaf-shapes. They were beautiful, and I told the artist so.

“You must enjoy that element of surprise as they come out,” […]

Inspiration Strikes -#4

Report From Pia – December 12

My commitment to blog every day has been a wonderful thing. Yes, there have been a few times when I’ve sat down at the end of the day and thought, “Now what?” There is always something to write about in the garden, of course. The challenge, however, is to […]