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Blogging Every Day

Report From PIA – January 31

I’m at the six-month mark in my commitment to post a Report From PIA every day. It was cold outside today, but the sky was a clear blue and the sun, still low in the sky, lit up every plant that hasn’t gone to ground for the winter. I […]

Gardening and Rejuvenation

Report From PIA – January 30

Today I arrived home in the late-afternoon feeling an exhaustion accumulated over the past few days. Yesterday I helped my former neighbors move, last night was kept awake by The Dog’s storm phobias, and this morning hosted GardenLine. Right after the show I raced from the studio to a […]

Right Plant, Right Place, Right Livelihood

Report From PIA – January 29

Yesterday I was writing about something we gardeners frequently repeat: right plant, right place. These four words sum up the wisdom of placing a plant in the conditions where it will thrive. Shade plants in the shade, those that like moisture in a wet location etc.

The phrase right […]

Resisting a Rant…barely

Report From PIA – January 28

Today I received a flyer for a local landscape association’s spring trade show and educational seminars. Of the eleven classes listed, only one was about plants. This could, I decided, make sense if the attendees thought that the plant stuff (the center and purpose of their business) could be […]

Editing and Recycling

Report From PIA – January 27

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m working on a new book that is about a third finished. I don’t have a publisher for this project, and I recognize that it’s a long shot, but it’s something that is close to my heart so I’m willing to pursue it. This […]

A Matter of Focus

Report From PIA – January 26

One reason I love having a dog, is that dogs are always completely and totally present. When you’re putting down the bowl of chow, a dog doesn’t think about the time you forgot to feed him. When you go out, he’s not thinking about how long you’re staying out […]

Pros and Cons of Lawns

Report From PIA – January 25

Gardening blogs and gardeners on twitter have been abuzz with talk about the study done at the University of California Irvine about the environmental impact of lawns. Basically, it says that although turf sequesters carbon in the soil, the care of lawns negate this benefit.

My immediate thought was […]

Root Room

Report From PIA – January 24

Today I helped my friend repot some houseplants. They were sent in a basket as a gift, and like most such dish gardens, the plants could never live for long in that configuration. This type of collection is usually in a container that doesn’t have any drainage, with the […]

Inspiration Strikes – #7

Report From PIA – January 23

Nonna’s party was fantastic this afternoon, and all went exceedingly well. I’m extremely tired, so am leaving you with a garden inspiration before I collapse. It’s a photo I took of a low-maintenance, drought tolerant container. Perfect for an area where you forget to water, or for those who […]

Seek And Ye Shall Find

Report From PIA – January 22

We drove down to NYC today in preparation for Nonna’s birthday party tomorrow. All the way down I looked out the window, searching for something to write about tonight. In sections along I-95 there were patches of English ivy run amuck… should I blog about how something that seems […]