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Humor: In the Garden, From The Heart

Report From PIA – February 28

I was going through some photos today and came across one taken in Pat Dyke’s garden. On the side of her flower garden she’d placed the chair, pictured below. When I saw her garden for the first time, it made me smile, and the picture continues to delight me […]

Tending to What’s New

Report From PIA – February 27

This afternoon, as light snow fell and melted on the ground, I went to the shed to look in on my crate of lettuce seedlings. The shed is solar heated, and last year by mid-February the temperatures didn’t fall much below 35 f. This made us decide to see […]

A Small, Seasonal Vision Quest

Report From PIA – February 26

I walked The Dog about 6:30 this morning, and when we got down to the lake, I saw that the ice had disappeared. “Rapid progress is possible,” I thought. A message, from Spring to me.

This reminded me of the time in the 1980’s when I was in a […]

Another Viewpoint

Report From PIA – February 25

Today I met with Terry Gavin, the gardener/web person who helps me with my website. She mentioned that for the longest time she wondered what PIA stood for. Report From PIA – did PIA stand for Pain In the Ass?

I laughed out loud. She’s not alone in wondering. […]

Preparing The Ground

Report From PIA – February 24

Driving home after having dinner with a friend, I thought about the subject for today’s blog. “What’s here, in this day?” I asked myself. I truly believe that every hour, incident, and day contains information and inspiration that extends beyond our moment-to-moment experience.

“What’s here,” I asked again, and […]

Willing To Remove What Has Rooted

Report From PIA – February 23

Gardeners soon learn that they need to be able to say, “No, you can’t grow here.” Some plants self-seed prolifically, for example, or wild trees, shrubs and weeds are oh-so-willing to sprout throughout the garden. We need to be able to pull most of them out.

I have watched […]

The Pace of Progress

Report From PIA – February 22

My husband says that the birds are singing spring songs in the morning, and although I believe him, the landscape tells me that spring is not around the corner. I see open water on the lake, but the part of the pond that abuts Poison Ivy Acres is still […]

The Courage To Be Wrong Or Find An Alternate Path

Report From PIA – February 21

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about horse manure and intransigence, I’m thinking today about the courage to say that you might be wrong, and move forward.

It’s difficult for all of us to admit that we haven’t succeeded or that our original beliefs have proved to be incorrect. And […]

Horse Manure, Weed Seeds and Intransigence

Report From PIA – February 20

When I was preparing to leave after my talks at Sullivan Renaissance today, a woman stopped me in the atrium. “Can I ask you a question?” she said. “What do you think of horse manure?”

I told her that I thought that any manure was great for the garden, […]

What We Share

Report From PIA – February 19

I sat around the dinner table tonight with a group from Sullivan Renaissance, and we shared stories, experiences, talk of movies to watch for (the documentary Catfish) and good books recorded on CD. There was also some discussion about how these things are more and more being communicated on […]