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Report From PIA – March 31

I am watching the buds on my trees closely, because they can indicate the hatching of one of this area’s nemeses, the winter moth caterpillar. Soon they will emerge and start eating our maples, blueberries, apples, oaks and other trees. They can defoliate plants in a couple of moths, […]

When Things Don’t Go Well

Report From PIA – March 30

Today was too stormy to work in the garden, but I could have used some meditative weeding, that’s for sure.

Did you ever have a day that seems to have a theme to it? Say the morning starts with the carton of eggs falling out of the refrigerator and […]


Report From PIA – March 29

It rained for much of the day here in eastern Massachusetts. The local news warns people who live in flood plains to be ready to evacuate their homes. The soil is fully saturated, so the rainfall won’t be able to soak into the ground.

It rained about a week […]

When An Idea Works

Report From PIA – March 28

On February 18th I wrote about how much I miss my homegrown vegetables in the winter, and my idea to grow salad greens in my shed. Today, I’m rejoicing that this scheme worked. We’ve been picking fresh greens for dinner for the last week, and I’m planning to fill […]

Earth Hour, Hymns, & The Garden

Report From PIA – March 27

I have to get this posted fairly quickly, because in thirty minutes it will be Earth Hour, and I will turn off my laptop and all of the lights in the house. My husband jokingly asked if we could use our computers on battery, and I shook my head. […]

Information and Inspiration

Report From PIA – March 26

I went to the Boston Flower Show on Thursday, and enjoyed it immensely. As is often the case, one exhibit made the trip worthwhile for me, and in this case it was Paul Miskovsky’s cottage garden. Wow – that man can put a display together!

Paul’s garden used unusual […]

Other People’s Gardens

Report From PIA – March 25

I was going to write about the Boston Flower Show today, but something much, much more important has come up. Someone I am friends with on facebook was put out yesterday when I posted a smartass comment about the Republicans, with a link to a Huffington Post article. She […]

Spring Fever – Rejoicing In Renewal

Report From PIA – March 24

The sun came out today and illuminated all of the fresh green growth that is springing out of the soil. The chives, bulbs and daylilies are spring’s over-achievers…they are taller every day.

We love this time of year because it’s easier and more colorful. There is no snow to […]

So Thick The Weeds Can’t Get Through

Report From PIA – March 23

At a recent talk I showed an image of Dave and Judy Roger’s garden. With a business name of Art In Green, you know that their property will be beautiful and it is. Much of it is also very low-maintenance because the plantings are so think that the weeds […]


Report From PIA – March 22

I heard a story on a New York radio station today about how JetBlue has decided to keep its headquarters in New York. The spokesman being interviewed said that there were good opportunities for “co-branding” with New York City.

“Co-branding” is clearly the new “partnering.” Basically, it’s about joining […]