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When An Idea Works

Report From PIA – March 28

On February 18th I wrote about how much I miss my homegrown vegetables in the winter, and my idea to grow salad greens in my shed. Today, I’m rejoicing that this scheme worked. We’ve been picking fresh greens for dinner for the last week, and I’m planning to fill the shed with at least five more crates of greens this fall and next spring.

Sometimes things work as well, or even better, than we’d planned. In those times we rejoice, and plan to build on what has gone well. We can also use the inspiration, information and energy from an achievement to move forward, toward other successes. If this method of growing food in the winter months worked, what other ways can we think of that might also be successful?

When an idea works, it’s an opportunity not to use that success as a place to stand and celebrate, but as a step on a ladder that will lead ever upward.

The lettuce and arugula are about five inches tall, and growing daily. We keep a pair of scissors in the shed for harvesting...

3 comments to When An Idea Works

  • What an inspiring idea. I think about doing this regularly, but never seem to get around to it. I have a packet of mixed salad greens – must plant them now. The greenhouse is ready.

  • Pam

    Looks great. Fortunately, most winters we can still have greens in the ground (zone 8b) – but I’d love to have space to move my large potted pepper plants indoors in the winter – I’d like a pepper plant that starts to look like a tree!

  • Ah yes – for you in zone 8b, my solar shed would be a greenhouse! When I gardened in zone 4a I longed to be in a zone 6… now I’m in a warm zone 6 and 8 sounds pretty darn nice. Zone Envy.