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Gifts From The Garden Month

Report From PIA – April 30

Two years ago I decided to create my own month of holidays. Well, not a festival or vacation occasion, in the normal sense of the word, but a marking and a celebration. On the order of National Pickle Day, or International Speak Like a Pirate Day, but perhaps a […]

Why We Do The Work We Do

Report From PIA – April 29

Are the connections we make with other people what makes our work meaningful? Are the ways our gardens allow us to touch each other significant?

I was at a speakers’ forum today and friend and fellow speaker Rich Pomerantz said that as he sat at his table someone from […]


Report From PIA – April 28

Beautiful gardens don’t just contain many flowers. It can be argued that foliage color and texture is more important to good garden design than bloom. Including big leaves, small leaves, grassy and colorful foliage is valuable, and when solid materials such as wood or stone are included to contrast […]

Don’t Read Them The Recipe, Feed Them The Cake!

Report From PIA – April 27

It comes as no surprise to many of you when I say that I’m a speaker, and my goal is to get people excited about plants and gardening. I often present talks that use images to illustrate the points I’m making, and as someone who thinks seriously and critically […]

Bleeding Heart

Report From PIA – April 26

I can’t imagine a landscape that doesn’t have a bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) in the flower garden, or tucked among shrubs and foundation plantings. This perennial is very hardy, reliable, and absolutely lovely. It lends its grace to a garden early in the growing season, when we need it […]


Report From PIA – April 25

I rushed home from the garden center today and quickly changed into jeans so that I could start planting. I wanted to put some sweet-scented roses into the fragrance garden, and I have several plants that I ordered from Big Dipper Farm that needed to get into the soil.


How We Work

Report From PIA – April 24

When I finally got into the garden this afternoon, I knew that I absolutely had to do three things: Unpack the plant shipment from Big Dipper Farm, plant the bare-root roses that were sent for my trial, and spray my weeping pear, crabapples and roses with spinosad to prevent […]

New Plants!

Report From PIA – April 23

At this time of year I am in serious trouble. I’m tempted by plants every where I turn: in garden centers, at grocery stores, online and in catalogs, they’re calling “take me home!”

I’m intrigued by their foliage, flowers, history and names. “Heart’s-a-bustin,” how could you not want to […]

Growing The Gardening Tribe

Report From PIA – April 22

A series of emails from the ANLA (American Nursery and Landscape Association) and a talk that I gave at Sullivan Renaissance have me thinking about growing the Gardening Tribe. How to better get people excited about plants and gardens?

Sullivan Renaissance is doing a fantastic job at this, while […]

The Season of Regeneration

Report From PIA – April 21

I take it all back. Yesterday’s headline said “I Love Spring/I Hate Spring” and today I’m here to say that this is the most wonderful, energizing season there is. Yes, I’m still pulled in several directions, but one bouquet of tulips from the cutting garden, and a late-day glance […]