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Report From PIA – June 30

The day couldn’t have been more perfect, and before I get to the heart of today’s post I must thank those who said you were readers of this blog and listeners to GardenLine. One delightful woman told me that I was on her “bucket list” as someone she wanted […]


Report From PIA – June 29

In the old days, when I worked as an artist with photo-generated collage, some of my pieces had the look of a written and visual journal. This work often contained faux writing, and when people would invariably ask, “What does it say?” I’d respond that it said whatever the […]

Just Two Things Garden Maintenance

Report From PIA – June 28

My day was hectic crazy, mostly out of the garden. More than the usual mish-mash, and a mix of many aspects of life. You don’t want the details, trust me. But at one point in the day I knew that I really wanted to do something in the garden… […]

Form vs. Function

Report From PIA – June 27

Knowing that hundreds of people will be visiting my property this week, I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. Which is impossible, if we’re being absolutely truthful here. My garden isn’t a stage set, and we live here.

There are piles of wood waiting to […]

Saying Yes

Report From PIA – June 26

As I’ve mentioned, Poison Ivy Acres will be on a fundraising garden tour this coming Wednesday. I’ve been through the I’ve-got-months-until-the-tour period, followed by manic must-get-everything-planted stage, the why-the-hell-did-I-say-I’d-do-this phase which leads into a final snap-out-of-it-already-no-one-will-notice-those-tiny-weeds-but-me acknowledgment.

The final phase of this Kubler-Ross model for Garden Tour Hosts is […]

Savor It All

Report From PIA – June 25

My blogging friend John, over at John and Liza’s Garden, has recently had an episode with his heart. He says he needs to “slow down” and let the younger generation do the heavy work.

That’s fine, but I encouraged him to get out in the garden and savor what […]

Specimen Plants

Report From PIA – June 24

On my way to a consultation today I passed a triangle planting that caught my eye. First, my attention was captured because there were unusual, specimen trees in this roadside bed, and secondly because there were too many unusual, specimen trees in this area.

One definition of a specimen […]

Walking Through Flowers

Report From PIA – June 23

The steps leading down to the lake are filled with self-seeded Alyssum and Verbascum chaixii. Last year it was the grandparents of the current Verbascum along with Violas. This is one of those situations where the plants grow in cracks and crevices and you have no idea how they […]

The View From Above

Report From PIA – June 22

It’s really too bad that we can’t just float over our gardens or lives once in awhile and take in the view from above. I get a taste of this from the second floor balcony, where I can appreciate that the landscape looks completely different from this perspective.

If […]

After The Party The Celebration Begins

Report From PIA – June 21

Here’s the best thing about opening your garden up to guests: after it’s over, the beautiful garden is all yours. Today members of the Connecticut Horticultural Society came to Poison Ivy Acres, and they seemed to enjoy what they saw.

I, of course, have been a whirling dervish lunatic […]