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Poison Ivy Acres, Revisited

Report From PIA – June 20

I am more than half way through my commitment to post a daily Report From Poison Ivy Acres. Many of my daily readers have requested that I continue to write a daily blog, and although I’m not promising, the willingness and inclination is there.

Walking around the garden today, […]

Some Things Can’t Be Kept

Report From PIA – June 19

So tonight I am celebrating my friend Alan’s birthday party, and was asked if I could record the song that his sons had written. I have a video function on my small pocket Canon so I said yes. When the toasts and tributes started, I decided to record those […]

How Do We Want To Eat?

Report From PIA – June 18

In the past week I’ve hustled home from work to spend some time in the garden before dinner. Part of that meal was eaten right in the veggie garden, however, as I picked sugar-snap peas and eat them raw.

This reminded me of a story in Jennifer Bartley’s book, […]

Spirit Speaks

Report From PIA – June 17

I love Verbascum. From the common, roadside mulleins to the small, pink hybrids, I find them all delightful. It doesn’t matter that they’re mostly biennials and I have to start them from seed every year. I don’t care that, for the most part, they only bloom in the early […]

Garden Tours

Report From PIA – June 16

One of the sweetest things about humans is that we like to share the good stuff we’ve created with others. This alone can bring hope when we’re confronted with oil spills, corporate greed and selfish criminality on a daily basis.

Gardeners, in particular, are generous people. We’re willing to […]

Toward Pleasure and Away From Pain

Report From PIA – June 15

Today I bought batteries and set up my Wireless Deer Fences. They need to charge overnight so that when I put them out, and the scent tubes draw the deer to them, they are ready to shock.

You see, the Wireless Deer Fence works because we know that deer […]

The Last Peonies, At The End Of The Day

Report From PIA – June 14

I was determined to get some garden time in tonight, despite a long day of consultations. After spreading mulch five to six my body demanded some lighter work, so I headed to the lakeside perennial border to deadhead the peonies.

In addition to developing seedpods and scatterings of pink […]

Hearts Sink and Soar

Report From PIA – June 13

Are there plants in your garden that make your heart soar? Just a glance at the flowers or foliage make you smile, right? This is how I feel about my Salix ‘Hakuro Nishiki’, the dappled willow.

The new foliage is most striking in early summer. I’ve had many people […]

A Good Marketer

Report From PIA – June 12

I often wonder who among us could be a household name if he or she had a good marketer. In a previous post I wrote about plants that were quiet treasures, and this was on my mind again today when I spoke about Hydrangeas at Highfield Hall in Falmouth.



Report From PIA – June 11

This summer reminds me of the year I did the flowers for Rachel Kaufman’s Bat Mitzvah. The ceremony was scheduled for late-June, and I thought that I’d have peonies, sweet William, iris and Lysimachia punctata for the synagogue and table arrangements. Unfortunately, it was a very warm spring and […]