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Expressing Gratitude

Report From PIA – July 15

We often forget to walk around our lives with the expressed purpose of communicating love and gratitude. Daily life is busy, after all, and this landscape or these people must surely know that I love it/them, right?

If we turn that back on ourselves, however, we see that this is a rather negligent or lazy approach. You and I never tire of hearing that we’re appreciated, right? Isn’t it heart warming when someone goes out of his or her way to say that they appreciate who you are and what you do? So why do we put off delivering such expressions to others when we know how good it can make someone feel?

I took a simple walk around the garden today, making sure that I consciously expressed how much I loved this garden, those flowers, and the various insects and birds that were there. Even the slugs drew a nod of appreciation for their place in the grand scheme of things…although I admit that there was a minute or two that I was tempted to squash them. But I tried to simply be thankful for being a part of this rich environment,

Yesterday I got a one-line email from a dear friend who just expressed appreciation for who I am. What a gift it was to open this note. It reminded me that we all have the power to make others feel understood or valued and it doesn’t take much time or effort.

It isn’t difficult, nor does it take much time to express admiration and gratitude, be it for the surroundings or the people we’re interacting with. I suggest that we don’t do it often enough, in our gardens or to other people.

Thank you for being here, and for your interest in gardens. I’m so grateful that you’ve stopped by, and I look forward, as always, to hearing your thoughts.

2 comments to Expressing Gratitude

  • Good Morning CL: Your post this morning got me to thinking about how people and the things around you express their gratitude. Some people are good at openly expressing themselves with their feelings. Others say things in different ways like helping you with a project or simply saying thank you.

    As for the things around you like gardens, mother nature, pets and other animals. We have two learn to recognize how they are expressing themselves to us. Garden’s for instance express their gratitude by growing beautiful flowers for us to look at and vegetables for us to enjoy. You in turn are cultivating, weeding and caring for your gardens. Your dog for instance will come and rub against you showing their love for you and then you pet them to show your appreciation.

    Bloggers on the other hand are always telling each other how they enjoyed their visit to your blog, great photos, thanks for visiting, and other comments. Just by leaving a simple comment like I was here enjoyed my visit is expressing your gratitude towards the blogger.

    Interesting post today, I enjoyed my visit.
    See you next time,

  • Thanks for visiting here again and again, John, and for your great comments! How are you feeling? I hope that your summer is restful and healthful. Keep me posted.