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Of Snakes and Solutions

Report From PIA – July 29

We went out to pick tomatoes tonight and found a snake that was caught in the netting. Crows had been feasting on the first fruits, so we covered the plants last week. I’m partial to how the green netting looks, and it’s very effective at keeping the birds and small animals away from the developing tomatoes.

Unfortunately, the snake’s head went through the net but the body, which is thicker, did not. The poor thing was pretty tangled when we found it. It’s a good thing we discovered the trapped reptile tonight…we were able to cut the netting so that the snake could slither off.

Now we know that the area around the tomatoes needs to be checked twice a day to be sure our bird and animal barrier doesn’t do more harm than good. We humans are good about solving problems to our benefit, and this is fine, but whenever possible we shouldn’t do so at the expense of other creatures.

It isn’t always easy to foresee how a simple solution for situation A might end up causing more problems to someone/something else. We have a responsibility to look ahead and try, as much as we can, to predict how our actions might cause a problem for others in the future.

And after a solution is put in place, we should repeatedly be checking to make sure that no snakes are stuck in our nettings.

These tomatoes are beginning to bear fruit - a full three weeks earlier than normal for this region.

3 comments to Of Snakes and Solutions

  • CL,
    That is one fabulous looking veggie garden! I thought mine was pretty but it can’t hold a candle to yours . very nice. And I’ve seen the pictures of the stuff you’ve been making from it too–just fantastic.

    We’re a little slower down here in CT despite the warm weather. I’ve had a pretty good harvest of beans and lettuce so far–but the holy grail, tomatoes, has not yet come in. Soon I hope!


  • Karla,
    We’ve never had tomatoes this early! But because of the warm spring and sunny, hot summer, everything is two to three weeks early this year. Yum. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by Whole Life Gardening!

  • Great post! I agree.

    The netting looks so much better. When dad and i first put it up we sort of just draped it over the ‘matoes. 🙂