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An Acceptable Level of Damage

Report From PIA – July 21

Today I played hide-and-seek with a rabbit. I was in my kitchen, freezing beans from the garden, when I saw him or her scoot across the patio and into my mixed border. Naturally, I grabbed my camera…if this little bunny was going to be eating my plants, the least […]

For Just One Day

Report From PIA – July 20

The daylilies are in bloom. To be more accurate, a different daylily is in bloom every 24-hour period, hence the name. The flowers on Hemerocallis open for one day, and then wilt. Some find this objectionable.

Yesterday’s flowers hang off of the stem, frequently becoming wet “mush-mummies” that are […]

The Right Way

Report From PIA – July 19

Anyone who has ever listened to GardenLine, heard me speak, or hired me to do a garden consultation knows that I can be pretty darn opinionated. OK, very opinionated.

Yet I openly admit that in and out of the garden there isn’t just one way. As I’ve mentioned before, […]

Midsummer Maintenance

Report From PIA – July 18

We are midway through the summer, and there are two approaches to this time of year. Some people decide that they are “done” with their garden. They enjoy what they planted in May and early June, but they don’t want to place anything else in the ground for the […]

Shredded Turf

Report From PIA – July 17

We went out to dinner tonight and as I was walking into the restaurant, my attention was snagged by the soft appearance of the lawn. Or was this a ground cover? It almost looked like miniature Nassella, aka Stipa grass.

Bending down to look more closely, I realized that […]

Cultivating Color

Report From PIA – July 16

As I walked around the gardens with the camera today, my attention was caught by smaller interactions. I noticed how the variegated foliage of a variegated Persicaria echoes the blue and white of the Forever-and-Ever Peppermint Hydrangea, and the perfect way the red tassel flower (Emilia coccinea ‘Scarlet Magic’) […]

Expressing Gratitude

Report From PIA – July 15

We often forget to walk around our lives with the expressed purpose of communicating love and gratitude. Daily life is busy, after all, and this landscape or these people must surely know that I love it/them, right?

If we turn that back on ourselves, however, we see that this […]


Report From PIA – July 14

It might seem silly to all of you, but today I felt a streak of pure, soul-robbing envy as I went online to look at the radar images of the weather. The storms that have moved up the east coast for the past 24 hours have, by in large, […]

The Good and The Ugly

Report From PIA – July 13

Today I was gathering new images for a talk I’m doing for the Orenda Wildlife Land Trust on July 20th. The title of this talk is Gardening For Birds, Bees and Butterflies. Walking around the garden with this presentation in mind, I made note of the amount of pollinators […]

Coping The Best We Can

Report From PIA – July 12

I got an email today from someone who was hoping that I might be able to help save her mimosa trees that were dying one after another. Albizia julibrissin, also called silk tree, has fern-like foliage and whimsical, pink tassel blooms. The first one I saw in flower was […]