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As Endings Blend With Beginnings

Report From PIA – August 3

Sometimes it’s important to get out of the usual routines, and look at something new. Here it is, the beginning of August, and we can’t really say that this summer is over, but I’m excited about a new plant I saw today, and I can hardly wait until I can put this in my garden. I had the pleasure of wandering through the demonstration gardens at Pleasant View Gardens in New Hampshire, this afternoon, and of course I fell in love.

The photo of this plant, Intensia ‘Blueberry’ from Proven Winners, doesn’t do the plant justice… although would someone please explain to my why digital photos have the same problem capturing shades of blue that film did? I played with Photoshop a bit trying to show the truer, bluer color that I saw today. In any case, this one looks fantastic and has me thinking about beginnings blending with endings.

Most of these Intensia annual phlox look wimpy in the pots in May, so their beginnings aren’t as auspicious as their endings are favorable. It’s helpful with plants, people and all other possibilities to remember that some things need time to grow into their beauty.

It’s also nice to allow ourselves opportunities to become excited about beginnings no matter where in a lifecycle everything else things to be.

When other parts of life are winding down, how lovely to focus on learning about something new.

I'll plant groups of this annual phlox in my entry garden next spring...

6 comments to As Endings Blend With Beginnings

  • CL, I asked some of the professional photographers at the recent bloggers’ meeting in Buffalo about the problems I was having with blue plants. I even had them look at the images I was seeing on my LCD to confirm that the blue on the screen did differ from the blue of the flower. I thought perhaps it was just my vision that was the issue! They told me that blue was frequently problematic to photograph and that they usually adjusted the color when they edited. I did notice that once I downloaded the actual photographs to my computer, the color was closer to what I remembered. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

  • In general I think gardeners are the most likely people to keep their eyes out for what’s new and be open to what’s new in the garden and everywhere. I have not seen this annual phlox either, but I will add it to my Look For list. Thanks.

  • Cindy,
    I know that in the film days they called this the “ageratum effect” – blues always turned purple. Why this should also happen with digital is hard to know, and even though I’m pretty proficient with Photoshop, even with those adjustments it’s hard to get the color of the flowers right without totally screwing up the foliage. This flower is great in that it is blue, with a touch of purple.

  • Commonweeder,
    This will be a new Proven Winner introduction in 2011 – it’s yummy and I am excited about planting it in my blue/coral/yellow/white garden!

  • Rhian

    Personally, I think they are beautiful purple….:0)

  • Rhian,
    Well yes, you can never go wrong with purple… all the best people are in agreement on that.