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Reason To Grow Vegetables #3

Report From PIA – August 12

Garden Vegetables Baked With Fish or Chicken

This dish is perfect for the time when everything in the garden is producing; it’s great way to use summer squash, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, chard and tomatoes.

For Six People

Step One For The Tomato Sauce

Pick enough leeks or onions to make 1 cup chopped. (I used leeks and supplemented with ¼ cup chopped chives.)

4 cloves garlic, chopped fine.

three large springs fresh oregano, chopped

Either three stalks of celery or two fresh bell peppers, chopped.

Enough fresh tomatoes (regular or paste) to make 3 cups, skinned in boiling water and then chopped.

3 Tablespoons olive oil

4 teaspoons curry powder

1 teaspoon allspice

about a quarter cup of stock (chicken or veggie) or white wine

Sauté the onions in the oil until they’re just starting to brown. Add the celery or peppers, and cook for three or four more minutes, stirring. Add the garlic and spices and then moisten everything with the stock. Add the tomatoes and cook until thickened and sauce-like.

Step Two – Fish or Chicken and Veggies

Grease a large baking pan and chop up whatever veggies you have in the garden into a layer at the bottom. I used the following tonight:

2 cups Broccoli

2 cups summer squash

2 cups green beans

4 cups chopped chard

Fish or chicken breasts – I used local striped bass

Place all the veggies except chard in the bottom of the pan and put it in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and place in chard leaves, top with fish or chicken breasts and cover all with the tomato sauce you made earlier.

Bake until done.

Sprinkle the finished dish with chopped fresh herbs: parsley, coriander, or dill. Tonight I used coriander and toasted pine nuts.

This dish can be made with just about any veggies the garden is producing at the moment.

4 comments to Reason To Grow Vegetables #3

  • Cindy Buri

    Hello I really like the theme of your page, what theme are using? I just started my own blog and can’t locate a good theme to use.

  • This is Atahualpa 2.21 by BFA Webdesign on WordPress.

  • Thanks for the recipes. I will be trying them soon. Anything on purple potatos? I planted new in the spring and have a second crop coming up which I believe I’ll be enjoying this Dec/Jan. Purple potatos are great in a mix of red and white roasted with onion and bell pepper or mashed by themselves. Just wondering if you had another idea for enjoying this rich in nutrients veggie.

  • Debra,
    I’d roast them with other root vegetables or even broccoli – I love the flavor that broccoli gets when tossed with a bit of olive oil and roasted at 400 degrees – add purple potatoes and perhaps red peppers to that and you’ve got a dish that’s beautiful and yummy. I sprinkle mine lightly with parmesan cheese right before serving.