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Continual Cultivation

Report From PIA – August 22

In early July I wrote about cutting my ‘Rozanne’ Geraniums down to the ground. They weren’t performing as this perennial should, so I cut them down and planted young Profusion zinnias in the spaces that were created. Within three weeks the zinnias were flower-filled and full, and they should remain so through the rest of the season.

I think of so many of my GardenLine callers and garden center customers who want to have all of their planting done by Memorial day. If I had stuck to such a rigid schedule, and not been willing to plant in July, I wouldn’t be enjoying those Apricot Profusion zinnias today.

We set artificial deadlines for ourselves that have no bearing on reality. Some might think that they need to have their education finished by a particular age, or be promoted or retired by a certain point. In truth, we’re all creating and cultivating our lives day by day, as long as that life lasts.

There is worth in being willing to plant throughout the season.

Not only are the Profusion zinnias looking great, but the Geranium 'Rozanne' behind it is decent now as well.

1 comment to Continual Cultivation

  • Joyce Jenks

    Yes, REAL gardeners are never satisfied…or finished with their gardens. The ongoing creative process of moving and shaking IS what gardening is all about. Enhancing satisfies today’s vision…until (light bulb!) we spot something different to incorporate next month!

    As a self-taught decorative painter/teacher in the 80s, and an avid quilter in 90s, my underlying love of playing with colors within the gardens took over in retirement here on the Cape. I now am needy of this mode of creativity to keep from becoming grumpy. (My husband will verify that!)

    After living 43 years in our “starter home” where we grew lovely gardens, we moved here to a parcel of sunny lawns and large amounts of wood chips under shade trees 2-1/2 years ago, where I immediately envisioned THE GARDENS. The existing house was secondary. It is great to relate to your re-creation of PIA within a similar time frame.

    It is constantly amazing and gratifying to witness how quickly our blessed Cape Cod gardens grow! Trying to be aware of dwarf varieties with that in mind, too. Don’t want to end up curbing too much of good thing in my older age!