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Want To Feel Better? Go Outside.

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 24

When I was in Wisconsin recently, visiting my mother, she told me about a time when she wasn’t feeling well. One of my brothers said, “Just go outside, Mom.” Great advice. She went outdoors and walked herself, in a wheelchair, up and down the driveway and she did indeed feel better.

I was thinking about this today when it was cloudy and cool outside…very autumnal weather. The clouds told me to stay indoors, but my husband, bless him, said, “Come out!” I put on a jacket and went outside.

We walked down to the lake and sat looking at the geese land on the water. I took a bucket of Milorganite and spread it around the Rhododendrons for a deer deterrent. I played with the dog and pulled a few weeds and yes, I felt better.

In these times when work, the internet and the season calls us indoors, we are well served to remember that going outside can always improve our outlook.

Just looking at the foliage colors makes me feel good. Is it the connections we feel with nature that nourish us?

3 comments to Want To Feel Better? Go Outside.

  • CL: Fall is a wonderful time in the garden. Cool temps and lots of activity and changes taking place. Working in the soil today was a pleasure, lot of worms and the soil has developed to an ideal condition. Going outside and blending with Mother Nature is always rewarding.

    Enjoy Your Evening,

  • Joyce Jenks

    My heart patient husband is still at our local hospital and can barely walk, but a smart nurse placed him in a wheelchair, and we went out on the hospital roof..in his hooded winter coat and a heavy blanket. All I could see were his eyes! He felt much better for that the rest of the day and rested well afterward.

    I’m eager to snitch a few hours at home and bring in my cannas for MY feel-better “outside time”. I read that cannas will survive zone 7 winter, so I will leave a few to experiment, but I don’t dare leave them all.

    The fall colors on some of our newly planted hydrangeas and viburnum (viburna?) are so beautiful, and they give me new reasons to be grateful for the Cape’s golden season.

  • Joyce,
    I’m glad to hear that your husband is is OK, and hopefully recovering. Happy too that you could take him outside! Hang in there – I wish I was in your neighborhood to help.