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A Thank You Note To Leah Dieterich et al

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 23

This morning I discovered a delightful blog: Thx Thx Thx – a thank you note a day. It’s written by Leah Dieterich, and she’s one of those people who balance out the craziness I was lamenting yesterday. Just when I start to think that the country is becoming completely anti-intellectual, simple minded and greedy, I stumble across proof that all is not lost. Thank you, God.

This blog is perfect to read as we approach Thanksgiving, as it gives us a slightly different way of thinking of gratitude. It’s easy to be thankful for family (if you like them), keeping your job (if you have one), and dogs, but did you ever consider writing a note to shit, thanking it for being a universal experience? I thought not. Thanks, Leah.

Tomorrow, I’ll write a thank you note to my gardens, but today I want to express appreciation to all who put creativity, personality and spirit into their blogs. There are hundreds, dare I hope thousands, of you out there and I’m totally, completely grateful. Not to mention a bit frustrated that I can’t just spend an entire year exploring what you’re all writing.

Be they actual, metaphorical or virtual, our gardens are diverse and full of surprises. Thankfully.

Sometimes our viewpoint is very limited. We might think that our few options are contained in a very small space. Then we happen to turn just a bit to the left and see larger places, greater opportunities, and best of all, interesting people.

2 comments to A Thank You Note To Leah Dieterich et al

  • Hi C.L: Just saying thanks is appropriate, but I will say a little more. Thanks to C.L. for this post. Thanks to Leah for some enjoyable thank you’s. Thanks to our gardens for the warm welcomes and the thanks for being part of them.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  • Gina Field

    Leah’s “thxs” could be just the mental health boost I need at this time of year. I’m going to put some Post It Notes around the house and start covering the fridge with the jottings. Maybe my family will join in! A Gratitude-Filled Thanksgiving to All.