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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 25

Today I went into the garden center to prepare for upcoming events and boy was I glad that I did. It wasn’t the planning or work on flyers that was so wonderful, but a trip to the greenhouse.

It snowed today, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and the storm may extend through Thursday morning too. Saturday? Chance of snow. I need a break and since it’s not going to come in the form of a trip to San Francisco (far more enticing than Florida in my opinion) I need to find my respite on Cape Cod.

Garden centers that have a greenhouse filled with thriving, blooming plants provide a valuable service at this time of year. Just being among all of that growth and color is rejuvenating. Orchids, Clivia, blue cineraria and even the ivy are revitalizing.

When my kids were small one thing I used to repeatedly find myself telling them was, “If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude about it.”

Today, a plant-filled greenhouse helped me to do just that.

God bless FedEx is all I have to say. They have made it possible for garden centers in cold climates to stock orchids from Hawaii even in the coldest months of the year. Here, a quick Photoshop collage of the flowers I saw today.

3 comments to Escape

  • Some friends of mine just recently had a wedding in a green house. It was an old garden center in Plymouth that is no longer in business, but the owner of the property let them clean it up and use it. It was spectacular! Being in the warm sun, enjoying the festivities in a green house environment, while the snow was covering the ground just outside,was quite the experience.

  • Wow – that sounds magical! Was it the old RF Morse greenhouse near the hospital? What a perfect place for a wedding!

  • Yep that’s the one. It was decked out with flowers everywhere and big fabric streamers draped from the truss work. Beautiful! Plenty of room too!