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Bliss is Brief…So What?

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 31

People come into the garden center at this time of year, see shrubs, trees or perennials that are in bloom and ask, “How long does this flower?” When I candidly answer, “About two weeks,” they say, “Oh…” and turn away.

In many cases, if I were really […]

From A Distance

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 30

One of the great pleasures of gardening is when you stop gardening, take a shower, then sit overlooking the landscape…preferably while sipping a glass of wine. Since I worked all day I only spent an hour planting in my own garden this evening. Nevertheless, I felt satisfied […]

Weeds That Are Wonderful/Worrisome

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 28

The area along the top of my rock walls is difficult to plant. When the walls were constructed, gravel was dumped behind the wall to allow for good drainage. This means of construction is good for the longevity of the stone wall, but hard for planting. Stick […]

Are You A Symmetrical Person?

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 26

Without thinking, answer this: If you don’t see the same shrub planted on either side of the front door, would this drive you crazy every time you pull into the driveway? Symmetrical people would always answer, “Yes.”

When I do a design consultation, one of my first […]

Some Days Are A Gift…

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 25

…and some are not. Today I had one of the former and I’m totally, completely grateful. I did not have to get into an automobile once today, and from 7 AM until 5:30 PM I was in the garden. I weeded, planted annuals, sprayed spinosad to combat […]

The Rapture & The Garden

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 24

My gardens, The Rapture and 1940’s gospel music have all rooted in my mind these past few days.

Let me begin by asking this: Have you ever had a tune stuck in your head so that you wake in the night listening to your mind playing a […]

Signs Of Hope

Report From AN Opinionated Gardener – May 23

I’ve long despaired that many people aren’t willing to buy plants in a garden center unless they are in bloom. While I understand both the attraction to flowers and the desire to know what you’re buying, this “color sells” works against all gardeners.

First of all, there […]


Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 22

Outstanding, extraordinary and sensory. Those are some of the definitions of the adjective sensational. I’m thinking today that these are also the definitions of a garden and the connections that plants and landscapes make between people.

I had several members of my home-landscapers class over for a […]

One That Is Perfect

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 21

After a busy day spent hosting GardenLine, helping customers at the garden center and doing a consultation, I arrived home close to six o’clock. A walk around Poison Ivy Acres with my camera was just the cocktail-before-cocktails that I needed.

I shot over thirty photographs, pulled a […]

Fear of Seeds

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 19

Last weekend I put together a display at the garden center that encouraged people not to be afraid of seeds. It’s astonishing how many come in looking for six-pack of carrot or bean plants. “Those are better grown from seed,” I always advise, and the customer usually […]