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Treasure Awaits

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – June 28

I spent the day on Nantucket, and had a wonderful time speaking at Bartlett’s Farm. I was wowed by Bartlett’s growing operation (veggies, herbs, and garden plants), impressed and thrilled to see Chris and Bob Hestwood’s gardens, and pleased beyond measure with the window boxes in town. Photos below.

All in all, this day out reminds me once again that there is treasure everywhere. Sometimes all it takes is breaking our routines and getting into the world to see the gems that are waiting for us.

I could fill entire blog with photos from Chris Hestwood's lovely garden. This is just a small taste...

The tomatoes growing in the hoop house at Bartlett's Farm were impressive! Pesticide free, of course.

And then there are the window boxes, that are well composed and often imaginative.


6 comments to Treasure Awaits

  • Hi C.L.
    Thank you for sharing some absolutely
    splendid window box photos on your trip to Nantucket.
    Wonderful ideas to adopt, I must say!

  • Chris

    Hi C.L.
    It was so much fun spending the day with you yesterday. Your talk was perfect,no surprise, and I was so happy to show you around Nantucket. There’s lots more to see, so I hope you’ll come back some time soon.
    I feel like I have a wonderful new friend.
    Thank you for coming.

  • I felt the same way, Chris – thanks so much for the delightful day!

  • They are all so incredibly gorgeous! I wish I could have been along!

  • Joyce

    Your sixth photograph shows what I think is a shade plant…common name of “flapjack” or “pancake something. Saw it at Heritage Gardens. Can you identify it?

  • Joyce,
    The plant in the window box, and what you saw at Heritage, is Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, commonly called flapjack plant. It’s actually a full-sun succulent, although they planted it in shade at Heritage.