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Forgotten Coffee

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 22

I went out to the garden yesterday morning intending to take a quick look before leaving for work. The next thing I knew my cup was abandoned and I had a fist full of weeds in my right hand and a bunch of cleome flowers that I’d pinched to make the plants fuller.

Today I took the camera out and as I took photos of the garden I suddenly realized that yesterdays coffee was still on the arbor. I liked it as a decorative element there, not only because of the cup’s color but because it spoke of how life is always a blend. Walks and weeding, coffee and cleome.

One Response to “Forgotten Coffee”

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    Our gardens sure do suck us in if we allow ourselves to become absorbed in all that we can do to enhance, cut back, and just plain ENJOY. I’ve had a lightbulb moment at the kitchen table and abandoned my breakfast and coffee mid-cup to get out there. Any gardener can relate to your forgotten coffee cup and smile because you allowed yourself to become totally taken in. Love it!