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Year of the Rabbit

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 23

It’s the Year of the Rabbit in more ways than one. First, according to the Chinese Zodiac it’s the Year of the Hare, and secondly, because according to gardeners and homeowners in the Northeast, rabbits have been especially abundant. It seems that they have bred like, well, rabbits, and they are now devouring as many plants as they can.

I was amused…perhaps a bit horrified…to see that on one of my consultation properties the bunnies are eating the stems of the Hosta but discarding the leaves. Celery sticks!

Time for the egg and blood based repellants!


3 comments to Year of the Rabbit

  • We are among those suffering from rabbits. I don’t mind if they are just nibbling the clover on the lawn but when they hop into the garden I get testy. Unfortunately our cats do not seem to realize they are mortal enemies of rabbits and should be out there terrorizing them so they do not return.

  • So far mine have stuck to the lawn, although I can’t decide if the rabbits are the ones in the vegetable garden eating the broccoli or if it’s the deer. I’m thinking rabbits because nothing else is touched…

  • HI C.L.:

    No rabbits here so far this year, lots of voles. Have not seen a woodchuck either or deer.

    Have a great day,