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Love Is In The Air…And The Plants

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 1

Looking through my photos from the Garden Writers Association meeting, I am struck by how many of the plants I took pictures of have heart shaped leaves. Maybe I’m just in a romantic mood coming off of the high of my son’s wedding two weeks ago and preparing for Jesse and Maya’s wedding here in our gardens in another week. Whatever the reason, love seems to be in the air and the plants.

Which is a good thing because even though the Cape didn’t get hit by hurricane Irene as hard as many areas, the wind and salt burn, not to mention snapped stems and flattened plants, is significant. For someone preparing for a garden wedding in a week, there is a great deal of cleanup to do. So while I cut down wind and salt-burned perennials, clip off broken branches and decide if the smashed perennials can be propped up or not, I keep the heart leaves in my minds eye. They remind me to love all aspects of the landscape…to cherish it all, challenges and all.

4 comments to Love Is In The Air…And The Plants

  • Joyce

    Wow, it is amazing that your group of elephant ears survived Irene’s winds so well! Mine are pretty tattered. Loved the novelty of growing them and will have more next year.

    I’m sure that despite the salt and wind damage that your yard will be lovely for the wedding and the fundraiser. With all those plantings and your knack for “making lemonaide out of lemons” the odds are with you!

  • Joyce,
    I have to fess up that these photos were all taken in sunny Indiana, not at Poison Ivy Acres. My yard did have some damage, including my hardy banana that has shredded leaves. I’m getting these gardens ready for a wedding that will be here on the 10th, and an open garden fundraiser on the 17th, so I’m busy doing patch-up and repair!

  • HI C.L.: I see Joyce caught you, but I don’t think you had much damage from Irene. at least not that you can’t clean things up in time for the up coming events. Tell me about the fundraiser.

    Have a great day,

  • John,
    My husband cut up the downed trees with a chain saw and our house guests helped pull the debris to the sides of the property. They also assisted with picking up the sticks that litter the yard. I’ve propped up flattened tall perennials as best I can – too bad because the Persicaria polymorpha was about to bloom for the second time and it was almost destroyed… Hardy hibiscus OK, however, but others got windburn and the once green foliage is brown, brown, brown. I’ve gotten some ornamental cabbage and mums to fill in spaces where these toasted plants have been cut to the ground.

    The fundraiser is for the Unitarian Church of Barnstable – my garden will be open on the 17th from 10:30 to 4 for a $10. donation to the church.