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Endings, Beginnings and In Between

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 12

The wedding flurries are over. After a summer of planning for Simon and Rachel’s ceremony, and then Jesse and Maya’s, it is suddenly quiet. With, of course, the afterglow of joy that both these occasions contained in abundance.

Next Saturday the gardens that have been made beautiful for the wedding will be open as a fundraiser for the Unitarian Church of Barnstable. I’m preparing a “favorite plant list” for everyone who comes, and I already know which plant will be the most commented on. (Photo below.)

In this time of taking a breath before the next events and commitments, I realize that September marks the time when I’ve once again done a “Report From…” for an entire year. First it was the daily Report From Poison Ivy Acres”, then a year of not-quite-daily posts “From An Opinionated Gardener.” Where to put the focus in the twelve months to come?

In between I am back in the vegetable garden, harvesting what has been ignored for a week. The second planting of beans is producing like crazy, and the summer squash continues despite the mildew that attacked once I stopped spraying. Fortunately, the chard waits patiently to be cut, so I can at least ignore this crop as I scramble to bring in the squash, tomatoes, beans and pak choi.

Endings, beginnings and in between…it’s all to be Celebrated, so today begins a year of Garden Reports And Rejoicing. Thank you for being with me on the journey.

The final wedding decorations come down.

I rejoice that Annual Alley and the veggie garden are still productive.

I predict that this will be the most asked-about plant on the garden tour next Saturday. Want to come see it? Call the Unitarian Church of Barnstable for tickets: 508-362-6381 - details at:


4 comments to Endings, Beginnings and In Between

  • Hi C.L.: Time to relax and Enjoy your Garden. Everything is slowing down and soon the fall colors will be appearing.

    Have a great evening,

  • Stephanie Simpson

    Great cause for a great church!…

  • Joyce

    Perfect day for viewing your lovely gardens! And this Congregationalist learned that chuppa isn’t pronounced CHuppa! The remaining dried flowers were still lovely, and you did a masterful job of repairing what Irene had done.

    Looking forward to Garden Reports and Rejoicing….I’m sure you will help us be mindful of what we HAVE in these tough times instead of what we are doing without.

  • Thanks to everyone who came on the tour! It was fun and the day sped by!