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The Birds

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 19

When I got back to the house today I found the flock of turkeys making themselves at home. They were bedded down in the field between the house and the lake, and they sat on lawn furniture up near the house. When I went out to water the containers these turkeys gathered closer, hoping that I had something other than water. I laughed at them, and shooed them away.

Minutes later the grackles arrived. Every fall these black birds pass through Cape Cod, and I think of them as Rice Crispy birds because they snap, crackly and pop. They were kind of scary the first year I lived on Cape, because they arrived by the hundreds and noisily took over the neighborhood. I now know that the grackles are only around for a week or two in the winter as they make their way south, and I cheerfully greet them and am equally glad when they go on their way.

One of the best side benefits of gardening is being in touch with all of the wildlife that shares our landscapes. From the many varieties of bees and wasps to the birds and yes, even the rabbits. All remind us of how we are connected to the seasons and the earth.

For better or worse, the turkeys are making themselves at home.

The grackles gather by the hundreds and when I go outside I hear them snap, crackle and pop . This is the sound of fall on the Cape, and I say to them, "Welcome, and safe travels as you move south."

5 comments to The Birds

  • Gorgeous garden pics! Love the turkeys and grackles! They like to visit my front yard in the fall and snack on pin oak acorns.


  • I absolutely love your description of grackles as Rice Krispy birds making snap crackle pop sounds! What a great observation. Happy fall!

  • HI C.L.: Grackles as well as Red-wing black birds stop here every fall and spring. Last spring was over a thousand in the yard one day. They stay for about 3 days and then the are gone. Has been happening for years. During the summer we usually have a few stay with us. Starlings and Cow Birds get mixed in with the flock also. Last winter we had a Starling Pair and a Grackle Pair stay for most of the winter. No Turkeys yet this year.

    Have a great evening,

  • I think I will have to get a pair of Blue Adirondack Chairs.

    Enjoy, john

  • It was so good to see you guys last Saturday – thanks so much for coming down for the garden tour! I’ve been meaning to repaint these chairs, but I think that I’ll use the same color…