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Is The Party Over?

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 31

There was a first, hard frost last night and although the perennials still look pretty good the annuals are blackened, wilted and sad. I’m glad that I went out and picked dahlias, zinnias and peppers last night. The summer bloomer’s party is over, and it’s time to move […]

In, Out, & The Present

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 30

When I look back over my previous years of blog entries I see that it’s typical for us to have a hard frost around the 28th of October. Usually I have all the plants indoors by now, but this year I’ve pushed the limits just a tad. Nighttime […]

Planting Something New

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 27

I’m on my way home and looking forward to being in my garden this weekend to plant daffodils and label dahlias. While in route, however, it’s my pleasure to announce the launching of the A Garden Wedding website. Stop in and let me know what you think!



Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 25

As we approach the time of first frost on the Cape, gardeners start thinking about how to celebrate the outdoors and the seasons in ways that don’t require flowering plants. Yes, I’m still picking dahlias but we know that these days are numbered. Evergreens, seedpods and seashells will […]

The Best Plant For The Job

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 23

As gardeners we’re often presented with visual problems. Faced with electric meters, irrigation equipment, or large asphalt driveways we contemplate our choices: cover up, cleverly disguise, or divert attention away from the difficulty.

Each situation may demand its own solution, and often people turn to plants. “What can […]

Where We Are Now

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 21

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Karen Bussolini to see Paul Miskovsky’s garden. Karen is a professional garden photographer, so we talked some about cameras before and after our visit to Paul’s glorious landscape. Karen had her good cameras with her when we want to the Miskovskys’ […]

Check This Out

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 18

One thing that I love about gardens and gardening is that it almost forces us to stay open. The garden constantly challenges our most opinionated selves, asking questions and making comments such as, “You say you don’t like Angelonia? Really? Well check this out.”

The plant that I […]

Out With The Old

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 16th

Part of my day was spent dumping out annual containers and preparing assorted houseplants to come back indoors. We haven’t yet had a frost in South East Massachusetts, but it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks away. I washed out saucers, refreshed the soil for amaryllis […]

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Oct 2011

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 15

Finally before it’s passed I remember that the fifteenth of every month is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. I got outside with the camera before the sun went down, which is happening earlier and earlier these days. We have been blessed by regular rain, no frost as yet and […]

Daisy Power

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 14

What is it about the daisy shaped flower that captures our hearts? Is it the simplicity? Are these types of blooms somehow permanently linked to cheerfulness? Does the daisy mysteriously call to our hearts, or do they just cause us to unconsciously think, “He loves me, he loves […]