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A Season of Stark Beauty

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 6

We had a very hard frost last night. At dawn I watched the swamp maple leaves falling like rain through the rays of the rising sun. Everything that was left in the annual and perennial beds sparkled. I stood transfixed by how beautiful it was, and then ran for my camera.

Photographs can’t completely capture the stark beauty of fall and winter, of course. For me, however, they help to tune my eyes to the incredible splendor of a fading or dormant garden. “Look at that!” the camera calls.

Our clocks fell back last night, so today sunset was at 4:30 and the sky was dark an hour later. We have moved into the season of short days and dormant gardens. We have come inside.

Taking inspiration from Leah Dieterich’s blog and book, I must write a quick thank you note to this time of year. 

Later in the afternoon I dug the dahlia tubers from below this blackened foliage but earlier in the day I appreciated the contrast between the white dusted foliage in the foreground and the golden light from the rising sun beyond.

The white Gaura, still in bloom, looked like something I'd add in a wreath at the garden center...sparkle, sparkle.

Frost carpeted the thyme and sedum on the path leading to the vegetable garden. Black and white with just a touch of green remaining. Breathtaking.

2 comments to A Season of Stark Beauty

  • I didn’t write my own thank you note, but I am very thankful for the slowing down (though that won’t happen for a few more weeks with all the bulbs I need to plant). I did use a quote I found for my thank you note on my blog today:

    The beauty in November is the assuredness with which it accepts its Novemberness. Pale, low light is kind to dried beige stalks and barren fields. The earth breathes with a sense of quiet, signaling the time is right to go within. After all that manic energy of summertime and harvest, there is relief in the stillness.

    Robyn Griggs Lawrence

  • Bob

    Dear C.L.,
    Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. What a treasure trove of great writing.
    Bob Benditzky