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Had I Known

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 9

Had I known that this would be such a mild winter, and that we’d still have edible arugula in the vegetable garden, I would have planted more lettuce, kale, and broccoli in September.

Had I known…we can all finish that sentence with any number of thoughts about being smarter, richer, and more productive. Not to mention a better person.

Had I known leads only leads to regrets, which is to say that it directs us to nowhere. Had I known is a waste of time. Better to go outside and harvest the arugula that I have and be grateful for it.

The veggie garden has the normal winter piles of manure and leaves/chopped pine needles...what is also still there, unexpectedly, is pak choi and arugula.

1 comment to Had I Known

  • Joyce

    The abnormally warm weather is allowing us to still dig into the compost pile and get it spread over the gardens. The warmth allows winter activities to be more enjoyable…raking up ornamental grass remnants, walking the dog on the beach, finding seashells, grabbing the last minutes of daylight with gorgeous sunsets…just plain pinching myself, thankful for every season on Cape Cod!