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Making Plans

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 29

Sometimes they work out and sometimes not. Usually between the planning and the execution are many small steps to be taken. We get diverted, and then, if we really want to give those plans their best chance to succeed, we come back to the path we were on and continue forward. This is on my mind recently as I order seeds for the coming summer season, and work on keeping other projects on track.

Excitement has a great deal to do with how well we focus on making our plans a reality I think. When we’re enthusiastic about a project it’s easy to stay focused and put in the work necessary to advance. But passion alone isn’t enough. Sometimes plain old discipline is required.

Gardening is good practice in making plans and working toward that goal.

One of the plants I'm looking forward to growing this year is Gomphrena 'Fireworks'. The seeds have been ordered and soon I'll be planning when to sow them and where to plant the seedlings.

3 comments to Making Plans

  • Getting something started isn’t always so hard. Like you said, especially when you are excited about it. The real test is to keep the thing going once you have started and to see it through. Planning and diligence are so essential for that end.

  • Hi C.L.
    I am intriqued with this Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’ plant.
    and I found some info for growing it. Don’t suppose the
    garden center will carry these plants to sell this year?

  • I’ve just ordered seeds – not sure if garden centers will be carrying it but it can’t hurt to let them know that you’re interested!