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A Dusting

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 29th

I’d hoped for a true “leap day” but got dusted instead. The morning began with an inspiring post from Seth Godin, and ended with a smattering of snow. From hope and intent to…well, dealing with what is. There were dead-end roadblocks in between, projects that stalled, work that […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 28

According to Wikipedia the first stumpery was designed by Edward William Cooke for an estate in Staffordshire in 1856. The Victorians ran with it from there and I think they were on to something. I love moss and fallen or uprooted trees. Nature puts these together in magical […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 22

I will admit that they are creepy looking. And yes, they hide under the shingles of your house or the pots on your deck. Certainly, they eat dahlias, butterfly bush and young annuals early in the season. Nevertheless, Earwigs are beneficial insects.

Earwigs eat decaying plant matter and […]

Planning Annual Alley

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 22

It’s the time of year when gardeners get itchy. This is exacerbated in 2012 by the unusually mild winter we’ve experienced…everyone in the Northeast is already thinking spring. Let’s face it: sometime in mid-February what plant people call “winter interest” is no longer interesting. The landscape is brown […]

Plants You Can See Through

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 21

Gardeners often talk about putting the “right plant in the right place.” Usually this refers to matching a plant to existing cultural conditions. We want to put moisture lovers where it’s wet or shade plants where they’re shielded from the sun, for example. But right plant/right place can […]

Perfection and Imperfection

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 19

We gardeners try so hard. From soil amendments to fertilizers, from plant supports to pest control, we strive to help our gardens in every way possible. And all this work is worthwhile, we say, so that our plants can have the perfect environment for success.

Maybe. Or maybe […]

Just Out The Kitchen Door

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 17

I have a tiny herb garden next to the house. It only gets sun for half of the day, which isn’t ideal, but there is a reason I chose to plant the herbs in this spot. It’s right outside the kitchen door. When I cook, I want fresh […]

Flower Show Season

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 16

It’s that time of year again and I’m hear to say that if there’s a flower show within driving distance, you should go. You should go for a dose of spring, of course. Flower shows remind us that blossoms and color are just around the corner. Beyond that […]

One Word

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 15

In the movie The Graduate, young Benjamin was given one word of advice by a friend of the family: “Plastics.” Whether you’re young or old, on this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I have a different recommendation:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 14

Sometimes seeing something in a new context, or using materials in a fresh way, can expand our creativity. Lacking an assortment of fresh flowers from the garden (witch-hazel and hellebore petals are lovely but aren’t quite enough) I made a heart out of houseplants and once again the […]