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Mood Elevators? You Can Grow That!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 5

Perhaps the number one reason to plant a garden is because looking at flowers makes us happy.

Perennial geraniums and a self-seeded Verbascum chaixii. Yum.

If you want lots of foxglove, start them from seeds.

Large áreas don't have to be wild flowers - here annuals such as dahlias, blue salvia and Verbena bonariensis are evenly planted in a field.

There is something about flowers that stimulates our creativity...perhaps it's all that COLOR.

Maybe the entry to every home should be a flower garden.

Two mood lifters combined! A dog and flowers.

Feel better? I know I do.

3 Responses to “Mood Elevators? You Can Grow That!”

  1. 1
    Forest Keeper:

    I am certainly looking forward to this next spring, especially after reading this post. Thanks for cheering us up with some beautiful reminders of what’s to come.

  2. 2

    So Pretty! Love your flowers!

  3. 3

    As I cut down some of the more messy ornamental grasses today my witch hazel “smiled” at me with her first teeny tiny teases of color….I smiled BIG time!