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Community? You Can Grow That!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 4th

The idea is this: on the fourth of each month, garden bloggers share four words with their readers: You Can Grow That! Followed by a few more words about some aspect of plants and gardening that people might consider cultivating.  Today was the first Garden Bloggers You Can Grow That Day, and I’m pleased that so many have responded.

From garden clubs, horticultural societies and community gardens, plants bring people together. Pass-along plants, neighbors planting traffic islands or helping to care for another’s garden. Volunteers planting…in so many ways gardens cultivate community. In nurturing plants we nurture each other.

Here are some of the bloggers that posted today. If I’ve missed yours let me know and I’ll add it in over the next couple of days.

Living Homegrown

Rambling Woods

Our Little Acre

Garden Path Traveler (Posted on the GardenCenterWriter.com blog as well)

Chickens on the Lawn

Hamptons Garden

Garden Gates – Gardening and Landscape Design


In My Garden

Strawberry Fields For Breakfast

Redwood Barn Nursery

Tiny Tim’s Garden

Gordon’s Garden

Tree Care Tips

Flowers and Weeds


Joene’s Garden

Timber Press

Hoosier Gardener

May Dreams Gardener

Twenty Foot Garden

Sow and So

Just as community gardens bring people of all ages together, so too does our virtual garden unite us.


10 Responses to “Community? You Can Grow That!”

  1. 1
    Tiny Tim's Garden:

    What a wonderful idea and thank you for encouraging both drowning food AND community among us garden bloggers. Reading and seeing my fellow bloggers has been a joy. Feels like a smaller, more cosy world tonight . .

  2. 2
    Tiny Tim's Garden:

    Oh no! Darn you auto correct!! That was growing not drowning! ROFL!

  3. 3
    Forest Keeper:

    I’ve had a great time reading all of the posts from this first run! Thanks for your work in growing this community!

  4. 4
    Garden Lily:

    What a great idea, and what fun! I enjoyed reading the other posts, and had to join with my own post, too.

  5. 5
    Kylee from Our Little Acre:

    I posted earlier today, too: Species Tulips: You Can Grow That!

  6. 6

    I had posted on Facebook

    You Can Grow That-Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

  7. 7
    You Can Grow That! — Timber Press Talks:

    [...] You Can Grow That! will help a new audience understand what makes gardening special. Every month, bloggers will be writing about something that inspires them in the garden. Timber Editorial Director Andrew Beckman starts [...]

  8. 8

    I also posted about Iris reticulata, a lovely early sprint surprise.

  9. 9

    Hey, thank you for the nice, organized list. My entry was http://twentyfootgarden.blogspot.com/2012/03/you-can-grow-that-peach-tree.html

  10. 10

    Hello C.L., We posted as well. Can we be on the list? http://www.sowandso.com/2012/03/you-can-grow-that-propagating-box-from-hardwood-cuttings/ Thanks, we will definitely participate again in April!