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I’m Behind!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 17

The weather in the Northeast has been beyond balmy. Monday and Tuesday were warmer than many days in June. Those who love summer are thrilled, but gardeners feel panicked. Eighty-degree temperatures tell us that we should be way beyond spring cleanup…we should be planting big annuals, vegetables and perennials. “I’m behind!” gardeners say to me.  The calendar replies, “What are you nuts? It’s the middle of April!”

I’m prone to the no-panic approach myself. What good does a feeling of alarm do me, after all? Some springs are warm and some are cold. No matter what nature dishes out, we gardeners cope, right? We have no choice.

I remind myself that there have been years when I haven’t planted the vegetable garden until July 4th. By the end of that month everything had caught up with other people’s gardens and you never would have known that I was late in planting. Other seasons I was early and that worked too.

Whether the weather is so warm we think that summer is here, or whether it’s so cold that we suspect we’ve gone directly from spring to fall, gardeners proceed by doing what they can do. Day by day, seed by seed, plant by plant and weed by weed.

You aren’t behind…you’re exactly where you should be.

It's interesting to see some plants (Hydrangeas!) ahead of their normal pattern in the garden while others (Daffodils) are pretty much on schedule.

5 Responses to “I’m Behind!”

  1. 1

    Hi C.L.: No we are not behind the climate is ahead. Lots of strange or different things happening in the gardens this year. We have just started spring clean up and are finding some very dry conditions. As we clean up a area we are watering to keep things going.

    Took a walk today down thru our vernal pool and wet are, no shortage of water there. Yet up on the hill where the gardens are is bone dry.

    Have a great evening,

  2. 2

    I like your style and must agree! I’m all over the map this Spring with regard to the garden…I just started my peas, about a month late during a “normal” year, and I’m early with my tomato seedlings. I have a feeling both will be just fine. I have also seen many things, in and outside my garden, that are not normally co-existing as they are right now – like your daffodils and the hydrangea, etc. It’s bizarre and kind of wonderful! Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

  3. 3
    CL Fornari:

    It’s dry here too, John. I’ve never watered gardens this early in the year before…. And it’s amazing what happens when I put a sprinkler on a bed for a couple of hours: plants just spring out of the ground in response!

  4. 4

    “You’re not behind, you’re exactly where you should be.”

    Love it!

  5. 5

    The daffs ARE lovely, but doubt there will be any left for the annual daffodil days here on Cape Cod. And I feel an urgency for transplanating deciduous shrubs and roses which are leafing out earlier than normal. Gardening is rewarding when we “get it right”, trying to “be on time”…and even when we aren’t in some cases. Thank you, Mother Nature, for the compensation!