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Within Reach

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 15

Sometimes simplifying isn’t a question of having less, but a matter of better preparation. I like knowing that a trowel, knife or pair of scissors is close at hand, no matter what part of the garden I’m in. This requires some advance planning and the willingness to have duplicates.

Having the right tool close at hand, so time isn’t wasted and tasks can be accomplished expediently, is perfectly possible. So at this time of year we’re posting flowerpots at strategic locations, and filling them with those implements that are frequently needed in the garden.

The entry to the vegetable garden. In the summer, a ball of twine is added to this tool jar.


3 comments to Within Reach

  • Hi C.L.: Know what you mean, more time wasted walking back to the tool shed for another tool. Handy to have a few handy at every corner.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  • Joyce

    I found an old mailbox at a yard sale. Nailed it to a fence post and placed pruners, scissors, and a trowel inside. A neighbor questioned my mail carrier’s willingness to deliver mail to the middle of the garden! When I explained, he agreed that this saved many steps.

  • Joyce, I really like the mail box idea! I’ll have to keep my eye out for one. I could use to be more prepared like CL is mentioning here. My time in the garden is so sparse the past few weeks, with all of the winter moth spraying that I’ve been doing that I can’t afford to waste it running around for tools.( though that seems to be what I do anyway).