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Speaking About The Joy of Processes

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 22

A garden pretty much demands that we humans embrace change, but unfortunately we spend a great deal of time fighting it. People want perennials that bloom all summer and shrubs that start at the right size and then stay that way…if they could have them evergreen too that would be a plus. But as the garden unfolds in front of me, I surrender myself to the pleasure of that transformation, appreciating it all the more because it is so short lived.

If the Oriental poppies flowered for months I wouldn’t pause to look, and really see, the miracle of a bud unfolding. If this plant produced blossom after blossom I wouldn’t treasure it nearly as much. Perennials are important in a garden because they speak to the joy we can take in the process of unfolding.

2 comments to Speaking About The Joy of Processes

  • Joyce

    Hope those poppies hold tight. It seems their fragile petals succumb so quickly to heavy rain, making them all the more precious to behold.

    Pinching Dusty Miller in bloom got by me as the garden is offering more prominent daily surprises..like the bright yellow irises. Their seasonal scent reminds me of the days l-o-n-g ago as I passed my neighbor’s yard, walking home from grade school, anticipating summer vacation.

  • What a wonderful photo shot of this Poppy bud! I LOVE IT!!