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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 28

You might have hated them in high school because they wrecked the grading curve. Or maybe you were that overachiever that set the bar so hopelessly high that everyone else despised you. No matter…thankfully, high school only happens once in a person’s life.

When it comes to plants, […]

Garden Envy

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 26

There was a three-year period in my adult life when I was without my gardens. During this time I mostly stayed away from visiting other landscapes because I was extremely jealous of anyone who was able to grow things.

Once we moved to Cape Cod and I was […]

Pass It On…Or Not

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 25

Today I received one of those emails that sent me angels and blessings, IF I immediately passed it on to ten other people. My response:

Sometimes we need to see the what's important, framed in a new way.



Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 23

I love my self-seeding annuals and biennials and Poison Ivy Acres is an informal, cottage-style garden that accommodates these plants well. But as I’ve said many times in the past, just because plants have seeded and grown in a particular location doesn’t mean that they should always be […]

Birds in the Garden

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 21

An essential part of the garden, to my way of thinking, is providing for the birds. Bird houses, feeders and sources of water, and the birds that these attract, are as important to me as the plants.

Helen's Bobby made this little house. I stuck it in […]

When Plants Travel

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 19

If you’re a gardener, one of the benefits of traveling is seeing familiar plant in unfamiliar surroundings. Noticing that the Centranthus ruber you carefully cultivate is a weed in parts of Italy, for example, or seeing the same fig you grow in a pot and pull in and […]

Color Conversations Part 2

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 18

Just as combinations of contrasting colors can be pleasing, contrasting shapes in the same colors is also a garden design conversation starter. This combination of Lonicera periclymenum ‘Belgica’ (Belgica honeysuckle) and the climbing rose ‘Colette’ remains one of my favorites. The flowers on these plants are in the […]

Color Conversations

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 14

One aspect of garden design is creating ways for the colors of plants to have conversations. When we put plants together we aim for contrasting colors and textures, but we also look for repetition…we find ways for a plant’s flowers or foliage to be repeated elsewhere. When the […]

Gardens Have Lives of Their Own

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 13

I went into the entry garden on Sunday morning and caught movement in my peripheral vision. It was a very long garter snake, moving off of the slate path. About twenty minutes later I spotted this same snake, waiting just two feet away from the slate. It was […]

Perennial Pleasures

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 8

Many of my clients want perennials because they mistakenly believe that these plants are less work than annuals. Gardeners know that some perennials take more involvement than annuals, and that a perennial garden takes thought. Gardeners also know that growing perennials is worth all the effort and attention […]