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Color Conversations Part 2

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 18

Just as combinations of contrasting colors can be pleasing, contrasting shapes in the same colors is also a garden design conversation starter. This combination of  Lonicera periclymenum ‘Belgica’ (Belgica honeysuckle) and the climbing rose ‘Colette’ remains one of my favorites. The flowers on these plants are in the same color range, both are fragrant, and both repeat bloom when deadheaded. This fall I will start taking cuttings of this honeysuckle and propagating it…I get many emails from people who ask “Where can I buy this vine?” and I’m getting tired of answering “I’m sorry, I don’t know.”  

2 Responses to “Color Conversations Part 2”

  1. 1

    Love clematis climbing over roses and honeysuckle, too…better than ugly strings for clematis to grab on to. Your photo is ‘smiling inspiring’!

  2. 2
    Donna B.:

    Oh my gosh. That’s a beautiful combination…
    Also… http://www.gardenvines.com/shop/lonicera-honeysuckle-6/lonicera-belgica-271.html