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Pass It On…Or Not

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 25

Today I received one of those emails that sent me angels and blessings, IF I immediately passed it on to ten other people. My response:

Sometimes we need to see the what's important, framed in a new way.

Love Is In The Air

3 comments to Pass It On…Or Not

  • Nancy

    Loves embrace naturally follows “Love is in the Air”

  • Thanks, Nancy! I realized that although I posted my cloud photo on Facebook, I hadn’t put it here. And as you point out, it fits.

  • Joyce

    Well put. We shouldn’t have to feel coerced to forward messages of love or even good wishes in order to be “assured them”. Expressing love and good wishes should be spontaneous and of our own creaton. I usually delete ‘forwards’ and don’t feel remorseful. There is also the real consequence of opening ‘forward’ VIRUSES that corrupt your e-mail contacts….enough for me to hit ‘delete’.