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This is a photo taken of my front garden in the evening. I love how the sun back-lights all of the plants.

The ‘Raspberry Rose’ Hibiscus are spectacular at this time of year, and I continue to adore the orange-red Sedona Coleus that you see near the bottom of this picture. Notice, however, the wide […]

August Abundance

My cup, basket, carton, salad bowl, and refrigerator runneth over.

Garden grown tomatoes: heaven on earth.

What’s For Dinner? Golden Days Lasagna

The name of this dish comes first the sunny color of the golden tomato sauce and Zephyr squash. It’s also appropriate because we’re treasuring being able to create dinner out of freshly picked vegetables as we savor the last warm days of summer. It’s wonderful to let the garden’s produce determine the menu. Photos first […]


I visited a friend’s garden the other day and admired her tomatoes. They were Indigo Rose, a variety bred by Jim Myers at Oregon State University. I took one home since I was so impressed with how lovely the fruit is. My review: love the color, but not the taste.

I’d love to use this […]

Some Ideas Work…Others? Not So Much

The path that runs through the entry garden is winding and several Calamintha ‘White Cloud’ spill over the flagstones. When the hose is pulled along the path to water selected garden plants or containers, it usually ends up smashing the Calamintha. I’ve put up with this for four years but this summer it was clearly […]

Protected: For Certain Eyes Only

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

If You Want Color…

You need to combine annuals and perennials. This should be a given for anyone who likes flowers.

You say that you want lots of bloom but you only want plants that come up every year? You say that you only want those things that flower from May through October? Get over it.

Perennials are a […]

Garden Jewels

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 18

Garden pest or a jewel designed by Tiffany?

No Fruit

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 17

We planted lemon cucumbers this year and every seed germinated. The vines quickly scrambled to cover the fencing where the fading sugar-snap peas willingly surrendered the space. A promising summer crop.

So far these plants are still promising. Promises, promises. All talk and no action. The vines are […]

Caption Contest!

As any vegetable gardener knows, part of the fun of a harvest is when you find veggies in funky shapes. We’ve dug heart shaped potatoes and picked cucumbers that bear a strong resemblance to Richard Nixon. Recent tomato pickings have produced these fruits that almost demand a conversation. So here’s your challenge. Either come up […]