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Garden Bloggers You Can Grow That Day – August 4

Grab a cool drink and spend some time reading these summer You Can Grow That! posts. Enjoy!

A Green Roof? You Can Grow That!

A Sedum for Shade ~ Sedum ternatum ‘Larinem Park’: You Can Gro That!

Deadheading Crape Myrtles = 2nd bloom!

Evolving Porch Pots….You Can Grow That!

Front Food Garden? You Can Grow That

Gardening in Unpredictable Weather

Great Blue Lobelia: You Can Grow That!

Growing Solidarity

Hydrangeas: You Can Grow That!

Moonflowers – You Can Grow That!

Mountain Mint: You Can Grow That!

Plant A Childhood Memory

Rethinking Lawns

Simple Pleasures? You Can Grow That!


Unusual Varieties Possible From Seed

YCGT August 4 from Pamela’s Thoughts


2 comments to Garden Bloggers You Can Grow That Day – August 4

  • Sandy Nichols

    Last year a few children from our parish decided to plant potatoes in back of the Sunday school building. after we harvested a great potatoe crop which we shared with the Sunday meeting folks the garden area said “Now plant garlic.!” So out came the 3rd and 4th graders one Sunday morning in September last fall. The area was planted in garlic, clove by clove. During the spring we extended the idea and the garden area hoping to suppliment the Lower Cape Outreach fresh vegetable offerings for their clients. Last month the garlic was harvested, cleaned up and offered to the parish members with the excess going to the LCO. We are also bringing summer squash, beans, kale, swiss chard, cucumbers, cilantro, mint, peppers, red cabbage and eventually tomatoes, brussel sprouts, collards, dill, basil, potatoes and sweet potatoes. All this from a garden that was previously a lawn area in back of the Sunday school. We are very happy to teach the children about sharing with the community and they love the results of their work.

  • Sandy – what a lovely experience! You should write this up and send to a local paper. I’m so glad you posted it here. If you planted potatoes again this year let me know how they did. Our crop was a bust this year and I’m trying to figure out if it was just us or if this happened Cape-wide.